ThankQ Protocol

ThankQ platform seeking to implement a new ecosystem in the corporate point and coupon market

Thank Q is a point (coupon) exchange/integrated payment platform applied with block chain technology. It builds an integrated point (coupon) ecosystem that benefits all companies (marts, shopping malls), customers, and franchisees. suggest

The Thank Q point integration platform includes basic functions such as point exchange/conversion and discounts provided by existing point services, and provides a full payment method and barcode and QR code services for the offline market. In addition, by establishing a transparent and safe point ecosystem based on blockchain technology, both customers and merchants provide reliable services.

Business plan


An abbreviation of Buy Now Pay Later, which means post-payment. By increasing the utilization of TQ Coin for merchants using TQ Coin, and through De-Fi and staking, TQ Coin will provide more profits.


As a distribution coin that penetrates on/offline, it is established as the main distribution coin while executing several projects combined with NFT, and at the same time, through various challenges using the characteristics of NFT, we will establish a vision as a mainstream that leads the trend rather than a simple distribution coin.


In the economic ecosystem implemented in Metaverse, payment methods will be required, and TQ Coin is a payment method that can encompass Metaverse such as NFT-linked services.

Merchant expansion plan

Through partnership with various point companies, we will increase users, and through collaboration with a number of associations, we will further expand the overseas affiliates of TQ Coin through the network of overseas Korean merchants through point integration and additional franchise expansion.

E-Commerce Innovation
Business Systems

Integration point

By integrating points used in various industries such as card companies, telecommunication companies, and e-commerce, it is expanded for marketing purposes necessary to secure customers.


The ThankQ protocol is an on/offline integrated payment platform that is beneficial to businesses, customers, and merchants.


Because the protocol has a blockchain-based ecosystem, it opens a new paradigm of the fast and secure point market.

Security wallet

Multi-layered encryption is applied to keep the user's assets safe. It contains the technology of the ThankQ protocol.

Business model

Platform Features

Blockchain Ecosystem
Complete security system
Easy and fast payment system
Robust Toquenomics
Flexible Partnership

(2Q 2021)

Established THANK Q Team and Issued Coin

(3Q 2021)

THANK Q Token Smart Contract
Planning of THANK Q Token Platform
Whitepaper. Ver. 01

(4Q 2021)

Established THANK Q On/Offline Platform
THANK Q Wallet Test

(1Q 2022)

Expand Domesting Partnership

(2Q 2022)

Expand International Partnership
Partnership with Pet’s Secret Table
Partnership with K-Beauty International Cooperative
Partnership with The ID Net USA HQ
Partnership with Namoo Pos Inc. USA Office
System development for Swapping of TQ Point and TQ Token with Daehan Sangin
Partner between TQ Point and TQ Networks
Partner between TQ Point and Dahan Sangin

(4Q 2022)

THANK Q Coin Listing on 1~2 International Exchange
THANK Q Coin Listing on Korea exchange on KRW market
Plan to sign a MOU between Daehan Sangin and Lotte Members L. Point
Plan to sign a MOU with Meta Kongz, #1 NFT in Korea
Partner with Meta DAO (NFT Talin)

(3Q 2022)

THANK Q Coin Listing on LBANK
TQ Pay (Point) Web development
Partner with famous domestic franchise for payment service
Partnership between Global PG and Daehan Sangin
Partnership between Global PG and TQ Point
API Integration between Global PG and TQ Point
Partnership for Payment Service between Major Franchises in Korea and THANK Q

(1Q 2023)

Partner with Korea's famous franchises for payment service
Promotion of payment system with domestic small business associations
Start preparing the system for TQP global payment



Total issuanc : 3,000,000,000

● 25%

Point Rewards / AirDrop

● 15%


● 15%


● 15%

Token Sale

● 8%


● 5%


● 5%


● 12%


Please refer to the white paper for more details.


Chang Beom Ryu
Blockchain Start-up Consultant
Led 4+ blockchain (payment-related) projects 
LM International Ltd. CEO
MyoungJi University Majored in Social Overhead Capital
Sang Youn Bae
Hoseo University Majored in Computer Engineering 
Software Architect with 17+ years of professional experience in the related field
Sebastian Ciszek
BCA Education - Program Manager
Seoul National University Hospital - Client Relations
Overseas Marketing Specialist
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia University of Cambridge
Seung Hyun Lee
Assistant Projessor, Woosuk Universigy
Security Management Institute, Director
Adjunct Professor, Soongsil Univ, Database Design and Analysis
Adjunct Professor, Howonl Univ, Project Management Engineering
Yang Jo Jeong
Pier6 CEO – Contracted with SKT, NCSOFT+
NEXON Korea Mobile Global Businessr
NHN ent. Global Game Business
Naver China BPO Management


Lee Michael Roxas
Blockchain Developer with 9 years of 
professional background in Handling blockchain infrastructure, data algorithms, and Cybersecurity protocols.
Nikoolay Kim
Expert Developer in Intergrating
BlockchainithTechnology with 
10 years of professional experience
Python, PHP, C++ and Javascript
Byung Sun Choi
CEO & Founder – Daehan Sangin